Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tagged! woo-hoo

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I'd been tagged for the first time! Thanks LaaLaa!

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Here it goes: =]

1. I can never take care of my cell phones!

2. I sleep in a different bedroom almost every night. let me explain, lol: my bedroom and the master bedroom are downstairs and there are two guest bedrooms upstairs so I like to sleep in one guest bedroom one night, the next in the other guest bedroom, then maybe sleep in my room....I don't really know WHY I do it but I guess if I didn't, I'd feel like those rooms were going to waste or something..

3. I'm a hugger! =] Old friends or new, I give hello and goodbye hugs.

4. I say 'status' alll the time! ha that's how I came up with my name! Like if I see a hot guy I'd tell my friend he's "channing tatum status," or something like that lol basically I use that word to compare things/people. I'd say I'm dork status haha

5. I drive pretty fast most of the time, I make quick turns and zig-zag through traffic. I can also drive with my knee on the freeway to enjoy a Starbucks macchiatto, ;)

6. I like drinking coffee black, straight up

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- Leesha
- Gina

XO Bryanii<33

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  1. Wow that is crazy I dont know how you can sleep in a diffrent bed everynight! I can only sleep in my bed no other bed. And I cant take care of cell phones at all either I get a new one every month.