Friday, April 23, 2010

Prêt-à-Papier Collection Look

Why the lack of videos this past month?? My laptop's mic stopped working! =[ I finally got it fixed and posting a solid tutorial FELT great! I felt accomplished! I've heard that once the macbook's mic goes out the first time it can be common problem even after it's repair... fingers crossed this doesn't happen!

I've also noticed the changes youtube implemented and along with many other youtubers, I hate them! ick.. Bottom bar?! really?! lol I'll survive but I really felt that less was more....

Anywho........ Here's the list of products used!!

All products are MAC unless stated otherwise,

Blanc Type e/s
Bamboo e/s
Coral Crepe paint pot
Expensive Pink e/s
Gazelle Grey e/s
Greystone e/s
Feline power eye kohl
Oppulash Mascara

Mineralized Skinfinish Natural- Deep Dark contour
Shell pearl beauty powder

stripdown lip pencil
kraft lipstick
Phiff! dazzleglass