Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Studio Fix Fluid

Here's a quick goofy pic I took before going to a party a while back.. this was after my first application using Studio Fix fluid with the 109 brush...

I'm NW 20..

I really like the coverage! This will be my go-to foundation for nights out from now on, unless I find something better... (MUF HD foundation is calling my name!)

XOXO< Bryani<33

Lashes are love!

I've already made a video on my precious Red Cherry lashes and where to buy them.. but I can't stress what amazing quality they are! They are absolutely comparable to Ardell lashes but get this: I bought ten pairs today for only $1 a pair!!! wowww woww wowwwww right?! I bought them wholesale at a beauty supply store in the LA Fashion District.. unfortunately this place requires a business license to purchase.. but you may find them in some retail stores and online for a great price!

My main point?? Try Red Cherries! If you love em like I do, you will be able to save some money without sacrificing quality and you'll have more to spend on say... the HK collection?? =]

XOXO, Bryani<33