Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can you believe I have not finished Christmas shopping?!?!?!? I still have to buy all of my friends' gifts.. I went to the mall on monday but the lines were way long too long and almost all the cute clothes were gone! I only managed to buy gifts for my cousins who are like little sisters and sister from Wet Seal, I bought my cousin Mayra a dress, Marissa a dressy top and my sister a plaid tunic top (which i absolutely envision being paired with skinny jeans and ankle boots) =]

Marissa(right) absolutely wants to be in a video so you should be seeing her soon! she's a performer at heart =]

Monday, December 22, 2008

Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection

I am soo excited for this collection! The products look amazing! It launches in January for US, February internationally. I'm definately not going to limit myself to the Brunette group.. I want to get items from brunette, blonde AND redhead yay-yuh!!!

image credits: =]
and for the record I will ALWAYS obtain my future MAC collection knowledge from!! =]

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Q&A W/ Twilight makeup set artist Jeanne Phue

Q: What was the process for creating the various characters’ looks?
A: Katherine Hardwicke, the director, and I have previously worked together on a movie called “Lords of Dogtown,” so we know each other very well. I began by preparing sketches of my vision, keeping in mind the descriptions Stephanie Myers (Twilight’s Author) set forth in the books.

Bella’s (Kristen Stewart’s character) description in the novel is very pale and extremely beautiful with large chocolate brown eyes, so she wore colored lenses every day. I also pictured her as a natural beauty, which is exactly what Kristen is. I used a light hand while applying all neutral colors to make her look as though she had no makeup on.

Edward’s (Robert Pattinson’s character) description in the novel is impossibly handsome almost god-like. His skin is marble-pale, hard as stone and ice cold, but perfect and flawless. Edwards’ eyes are described as topaz colored when he is normal and black like onyx, when hungry.

Q: Were there any changes to the looks of the characters that weren’t planned?
A: At the beginning, Katherine Hardwicke visualized Edward with long hair, yet after studying his face and jaw line in the makeup test, the decision was made to go with short hair to accentuate his amazing jaw line.

Q: What was the overall look of the makeup in this movie?
A: All the vampires had to be pale, but I didn’t want them to look to ghoulish, somewhere between Sweeney Todd and Interview with the Vampire. The choice was made for a denser, more opaque look for the supporting vampires and a lighter look for the leading man.

The challenge was they still had to look beautiful and handsome. The key was striking the delicate shading balance. We had two weeks of makeup test. This is the time for a makeup artist to unleash their imagination. During the testing Katherine let me know when I was on the mark. Katherine has a fabulous eye for detail and everything I did had to be approved by her.

Q: Were there any other challenges you encountered while working on location in Portland, Oregon?
A: The rain was a huge challenge. We were outside, and it rained the entire time we were there. Most of the shots were exterior; trying to fix makeup in the rain with wet faces and wet brushes was difficult. In the end, I must say I loved working on this movie, it challenge my creativity as never before. The cast was such a great group of talented young actors.

Q: What were your non-makeup related responsibilities in terms of creating this look?
A: Another one of my jobs was too find a contact lens specialist. So I called upon the expertise of Cristina Patterson Ceret FX lens/painter from Professional VisionCare.

Q: What M·A·C products did you use on the film Twilight?
A: The M.A.C products I used on this film were eye shadows and powder for our principles. We had several other characters and day players I used M.A.C. foundations, lipsticks and blushes.

Q: How long have you used M·A·C products?
A: In 30 years as a makeup artist in my career and over 50 movies, M·A·C products have played an integral part in my work. I have probably used all of them at one time or another. I choose the cosmetics based on their skin tone and whether they are oily or dry. It also depends on how the product reacts to their particular skin type.

M·A·C Makeup used on Bella played by Kristen Stewart

Blot Powder/Pressed in Light
Eye Shadow on Blanc Type, Flute and Wedge
M·A·C Makeup used on Edward played by Robert Pattinson

Blot Powder/Pressed in Light


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm in a huge need of retail therapy! ha ha (I've been sick these past couple of days.)
I thought I'd share my list of things I need pronto!:


Fast Response eye cream: I tried this product in a seminar I went to and at the time I was using Clinique's All About Eyes, but I accidently dropped half of the jar in the sink =[ MAC's eye cream is way cheaper than Cliniques anyway and I've heard nothing but good things.

Powerpoint eye pencil in Engraved: A waterproof liner that doesn't smudge and glides on smooth? Sold. =]

Fluidline in Blitz &Glitz; Intense black flashed with gold pearl.

129 Monogram SE blush brush- I love me some limited edition brushes!! =]

109 Contour brush- I've heard great things from scandalousbeauty, rissrose2 and fafinettex3 about this brush. I originally wanted it for my studio finish concealer (scandalousbeauty), but I fafinettex3's video showed it being used as a foundation brush and Marissa stated that it was her fav. brush before her 188.

Other than that I just want a couple more eyeshadows since I limit myself to one or two only for ever counter visit.

I doubt I'll be getting all of these things tomorrow because I'm also shopping for clothes and shoes (knee-high boots are my specialty! lol) but I'm sort of narrowing my choices so that I don't end up buying things I don't really need before the essentials!

XOXO Bryani<33

One of my closest friends, Celeste, will be guest starring in a video soon =] I will be doing her makeup and we're both excited! hehe. Shout out to Celeste! She's fab everyone, you'll love her!
XOXO, Bryani <33