Thursday, June 2, 2011

My little sister graduated from High School last night!!
I'm so proud! But I feel soooo old :( lol

Congratulations, Aileen... love you tons!

She has theee most perfect brows ugh! lol I know you can't really see the makeup but for fun I'll state that I used Expensive Pink and Embark on the eyes and Stereo Rose on her cheeks (thanks to MelforMakeup and DebLovesMakeup, it it weren't for their twitter convos I may never have know now ridiculously AMAZING this skinfinish is!! )

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mario Dedivanovic's LA Workshop

First off, Hi!!
This is probably the most excited I've ever been to share a blog post with you all!
As some of you may know I was lucky enough to attend one of Mario Dedivanovic's (most known for being Kim Kardashian's incredible makeup artist, a genius, a visionary, MY HERO!) makeup workshops in Hollywood.. and I get to share with you all about this wonderful experience!

I got off work at 9:30pm the night before and drove straight to my hotel room (about a 4 hour drive). I couldn't sleep from the excitement lol!

Meeting someone you admire so much is very surreal. Mario was extremely gracious and sweet! For the first part of the workshop, he demonstrated his talent and answered our questions.. he gave a lot of great career advice as well that left me feeling completely motivated and more inspired than ever. Any Mario fans probably already know that his career began as an assistant, but my jaw dropped when I learned that he also worked for Kabuki (another amazing artist)! I believe that he is one of the most sought-after makeup artists today, and yet he so genuinely shares his story and techniques with us. In a cool way, I like to think of him as a mentor... he gives so much encouragement to aspiring makeup artists everywhere!

One of my questions to Mario was whether or not he will be coming out with a makeup line of his own, (can you imagine the impact on the concealer market this man would make?! lol) his answer gave the impression that it is something he is interested in and could become a reality somewhere down the line. Can't wait! :) I currently EyeMGlam which was made by him and I loove it! I'm also keeping my hopes up on someday owning a makeup book by him.

After his demonstration (did I mention it was amazing??!) we were each paired with a model to work on for shoots. At one point I was having trouble with getting the concealer just right and he came over to help me (again, so surreal!) He told me that less is not more, more is more! He took my brush and used a generous amount of concealer to make it look "lush." (at this point I can't believe that his hands are touching my brushes and in my makeup-perfect bliss! lol I even got a taste of what it'd be like to be his assistant when he asked me for a damp sponge hahah <3)

Overall, it was an extraordinary experience. I gained so much from Mario, I learned amazing techniques and received true inspiration that I will hold on to for the rest of my life! The reason I held out so long on this post is because I was waiting for the recap video to come out! and it's finally out, I'm so excited for you all to see his beautiful work and get a visual taste of my experience. As long as he keeps holding workshops I will definitely keep attending, and I sincerely hope I see you all there as well! Make sure you follow his twitter and follow his blog to be alerted as soon as he announces a new workshop date! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Prêt-à-Papier Collection Look

Why the lack of videos this past month?? My laptop's mic stopped working! =[ I finally got it fixed and posting a solid tutorial FELT great! I felt accomplished! I've heard that once the macbook's mic goes out the first time it can be common problem even after it's repair... fingers crossed this doesn't happen!

I've also noticed the changes youtube implemented and along with many other youtubers, I hate them! ick.. Bottom bar?! really?! lol I'll survive but I really felt that less was more....

Anywho........ Here's the list of products used!!

All products are MAC unless stated otherwise,

Blanc Type e/s
Bamboo e/s
Coral Crepe paint pot
Expensive Pink e/s
Gazelle Grey e/s
Greystone e/s
Feline power eye kohl
Oppulash Mascara

Mineralized Skinfinish Natural- Deep Dark contour
Shell pearl beauty powder

stripdown lip pencil
kraft lipstick
Phiff! dazzleglass

Sunday, October 11, 2009

MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask Review

I am LOVING this product! I purchased the mask after a subbie's encouragement and I am so impressed. First, I washed my face with my usual cleanser and applied the mask immediately to my damp face with wet hands (water activates the warming sensation.) The intense heat felt great on my tired face! Although the sensation only lasts about five seconds, it allows the mask to work deeper and help unclog your pores from impurities. I felt like Shakira in La Tortura video while smearing the black mask all over my face lol.
Because the heat is activated on contact with water, I began applying it to my problem areas which are my nose (clogged pores) and chin (menstrual breakout) before spreading it all over-careful to avoid the sensitive eye area! The mask only requires five minutes to work its magic and washing it off was a breeze! My skin felt very soft and the blemish on my chin which was inflamed before the mask has reduced considerably! I was actually worried the mask would irritate that area so I was thrilled to discover the complete opposite! I have a feeling that this mask, along with my current cleanser and the Volcanic Ash exfoliator will be just the thing to clear my stubborn pores and make my skin glow!
I highly recommend giving the mask a try and I can't wait to see what my skin looks like a month from now using this mask once a week. =)

Friday, September 18, 2009

.99 cent Red Cherry Lashes!!

Red Cherry lashes are on sale now at Status Glam Status Glam for only .99 cents!! Is this not amazing news?! Take advantage of this awesome price now and get ready for holiday season! =]

XO, Bryani<33

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fashion Forward Interview Outfit.

Hi Dolls!
Soooo I have a huuuuge interview this upcoming thursday and I have been going nuts getting everything ready! I thought I'd share the things I've purchased so far =]

The lovely Dulce's "How to glam up your 9-5" video was SUCH a big help I can not thank her enough! I fell in love with one of the outfits she wears in this video (the one with the yellow top and flower lace pantyhose), I knew it'd be perfect for my interview, except I have to wear all black ;)

The Top.

Yellow Victorian Ruffle Top available at $26.99
They didn't have it in black so I ordered the white top and I'm actually going to dye it myself with good old Rit fabric dye (available at Wal-mart) I have NEVER done this before so I can only hope for the best!

It feels like there's a 50/50 chance of me wearing this top to the interview. One, because I ordered it yesterday (labor day-no post office) and although I paid $25 extra for express shipping, it still may not arrive by tomorrow.. and Two, I may ruin it during the dye job lol! but it was a risk I was willing to take for such a beautiful outfit(I already have a different back-up blouse just in case!).

The Pencil Skirt.

Express- Studio Stretch High Waist Pencil Skirt. $49.50

I love it! It wears beautifully and it's so comfy! It cinches the waist and the stretch fabric really hugs your curves. I feel confident wearing it which is most important!

The Shoes.

Charlotte Russe Platform Pumps. 24.99 I couldn't find a picture of the exact shoes I purchase but they're similar, only mine are patent leather and peep toe.

The shoes at CR. are buy one, get one for $10; so I got a pair Suede Slouchy Boots

They're knee-high and I love em!

On the hunt for:

The flower laced stockings!! I got beautiful flower lace LEGGINGS from Forever 21 but I just don't like how they are cut off at the ankles..

it doesn't look right with a pencil skirt.. if anybody knows where to find the stockings please leave me a comment! If I can't find them tomorrow, I'll just pick up some sheer black pantyhose but I feel that the flower lacing would be strongly remembered and just gives the whole outfit a huge dose of fierceness. Do you agree? -

The Backup.

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Chiffon Ruffle Blouse $12.00 (!)

The Hair.

My hair is a lot shorter after they "trimmed it" so I wanted to get hair extensions! *shout out to my yt bff Ledy! fafibaby12 lol* I bought the human hair extensions strip at Sally's for $49, and I will prepare it tonight by sewing the clips into it. I'm going to wear my hair curled and half up w/ a big birdsnest (teased) lol and I'll be wearing a black flower hair clip that has glitter and feathers! =] I'm going to keep the accessories simple and wear my Black Daisy Stone Bracelet from Status Glam.

Yay! I'm feeling really good about this.. the outfit is probably only a small factor in helping me get the job but I need to feel confident and do my best!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hi dolls! I've just added the sidekick app Blog Warrior to my phone in hopes of keeping this thing updated more frequently. I want to keep this blog personal as well as makeup related to better keep in touch with you! Would you guys mind some diet/fitness (or lack of!) and everyday nonsense? Im going to try and update at least four times a week!