Thursday, October 2, 2008

So I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing for Halloween so I haven't even thought of looking at costumes BUT I came across the cutest puppy costume that I bought for my doggy Giselle!! She's gonna be a princess he he, which is fair because she's already spoiled more than me!! lol

So, cute right?? too bad she isn't fluffy like that.. =[
She was a vampire last year... haha

She'll only wear it long enough for me to take a picture and then she runs all over the house like crazy, tripping over her cape every five seconds lol


  1. aww cute.

    lol Ive gone from everything from akasha, to isis lol and now few months ago I decided on a fafinette. i feel we're gonna be a bunch this year.

  2. OMG your dog is soo cute!! I have a little teacup yorkie named Lacey and I havnt decided what she is going to be for Halloween yet. You are on top of it!