Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Shower

My friend Celeste planned a gorgeous baby shower for our very good friend, Isaura who's pregnant w/ baby Jayden =]
Her and her hubby have had four baby showers already!! Jayden is obviously verry loved!! <33

Me (ughh it was a loong day! lol), Isaura and Celeste. =]

Getting this cake done just right was so stressful! lol The first place I went to gave me a cake so hideous that I ended up going somewhere else to fix it... but it came out cute! =]


  1. im so glad it went well. there are so many baby showers this year!
    thanks for sharing w/ us.

  2. lol that's so funny, in the picture everything's pastel and baby-like, and then there's a bud light can!