Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cotton Candy Sketch

Product Used:

MAC Beige-ing shadestick
MAC Gesso e/s
MAC Melton Mauve e/s
MAC Sketch e/s
MAC Vellum e/s (so underrated-I love using vellum in the tear duct when I'm wearing blues, purples or smokey gray/black on the eyes! and applying vellum w/ a carbon stained brush gives it more of a purple tint- awesome for winter)
MAC Phloof! e/s
MAC Fascinating eye kohl
Loreal voluminous mascara

MAC Studio fix foundation
MAC MSF Natural
MAC Pretty Baby beauty powder
MAC Petticoat msf

MAC Subculture lip pencil
MAC Pretty please lipstick
MAC Extra amps dazzleglass

1 comment:

  1. Pretty! (as I said on your You Tube channel too)